Each real estate transaction is unique and every client puts forth a set of objectives which carry a certain degree of operational and economic constraints. Alpha Capital Management Inc., ensures its clients of unbiased advice and manages relationships on their behalf with all key stakeholders so that objectives are aligned with operating strategy.

Strategic Consulting

Alpha Capital Management Inc., provides strategic consulting and structuring services to its clients. We work with you to implement a plan which will position the asset for an attractive sale or as an income-yielding rental. We focus on value creation and strategize to maximize return on capital.

Transaction Management

As part of our extensive due diligence process, when selecting our operating partners, we ensure they have met the highest standards within the operating framework. We perform property-level analysis on various asset classes, and equip ourselves with tools that position us to execute assignments with precision. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ interests are firmly secured. Our team is deeply involved in every stage of the transaction and managing relationships with all involved stakeholders is undertaken with utmost care and diligence. When negotiating on behalf of our clients, we bring to the table our arsenal of experience to ensure contracts, such as agreements of purchase and sale, financing documents, and operating partnership agreements are protecting the rights and obligations of all involved parties equitably.

Site Selection

Leveraging on the team’s previous exposure to capital markets, Alpha Capital Management Inc., employs qualitative and quantitative analysis to ensure operating strategies run parallel to clients’ objectives. We go through a rigorous process of location screening and financial feasibility to ensure risk and reward are balanced and the outcome meets or exceeds objectives.

Asset Management

Alpha Capital Management Inc., is well positioned to offer oversight of property management while reviewing the project’s financial and operating performance. Our strong partnerships with construction management firms enable us to understand core issues and make key decisions in a timely manner for both residential and commercial projects.